Chau Say Tevoda

UNESCO World Heritage site near Siem Reap

Chau Say Tevoda was built somewhere between 1120 and 1150AD by King Suryavarman II. This smallish, graceful Hindu temple has a central sanctuary, two libraries and four gopuras which are at the four cardinal points on the compass. To the north is Thommanon Temple, which has a similar design and floor plan to Chau Say Tevoda. Centuries of wars, neglect, and the natural elements have taken their toll, and Chao Say Tevoda was in very bad shape. In 2000, restoration of the temple began, and was completed in 2009. The restoration included newly manufactured which are not of equal artistic quality to the original sections, but the visitor can still see the temple as it was originally constructed.

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The temple has some finely done carvings, and most are still in fair condition. Although most of the carvings are Hindu related, there are also Buddhist related reliefs which were added by King Jayavarman VII. From the temple, a walkway to the east leads to the Siem Reap River a short distance away.

Chau Say Tevoda

Location: just east of the Angkor Thom Victory Gate, and south of Thommanon
Construction period: Early 12th century C.E.
Religion: Hindu
Built by: King Suryavarman II (King Yasovarman II also did additional work, and King Jayavarman VII added Buddhist elements)
Building style: Angkor Wat

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