Pre Rup

UNESCO World Heritage site near Siem Reap

Pre Rup is a large temple-mountain, it contains well-preserved carvings of fine detail. This architecturally and artistically excellent temple is located just south of the East Baray, and is similar in construction to the East Mebon which was built a few years earlier. The false doors on the upper level are of especially excellent quality.

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It had been believed that Pre Rup was a mortuary temple, but it was actually King Rajendravarman II’s state temple, and was the second temple to be built at Angkor after the capital was returned from Koh Ker.

Climbing to the top of the temple affords a sweeping view of the surrounding countryside jungle and rice paddies, and it is also a popular place for sunset viewing.

Pre Rup

Location: South of the East Baray
Construction period: Late 10th century C.E.
Religion: Hindu
Built by: King Rajendravarman II
Building style: Pre Rup

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