Srah Srang

UNESCO World Heritage site near Siem Reap

Srah Srang is a small Baray, but quite picturesque Baray, located to the east of Banteay Kdei. It was designed and constructed in the same manner as Pre Rup, and was remodeled in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII as part of his building program. There are landings at different levels on the western part of the Baray, and they are decorated with nagas guardian lions. In the dry season when the water level is low, the remnants of a mebon can be seen in the middle of the reservoir just sticking out above the water. Srah Srang is used as an alternate sunrise viewing location, and is much less crowded than Angkor Wat.

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Srah Srang

Location: Just east of Banteay Kdei
Construction Period: Mid 10th and Late 12th century C.E
Religion: Buddhist
Built by: King Jayavarman VII
Building Style: Bayon
Best time to Visit: Can be visited anytime, but especially best in the early morning.
Photography: Light is best in the morning for photos

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