UNESCO World Heritage site near Siem Reap

Due to extensive restoration in the 1960's, today Thommanon is in good relatively excellent condition. It is a small, nice looking temple, constructed about the same time as Angkor Wat, and the Angkor Wat style of architecture is evident in the style of the towers and carvings. The many carvings of Thommanon are in very good condition, and in the rainy season, the wet color of the sandstone offers good photographic opportunities.

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Thommanon is just opposite Chau Say Tevoda across the street the road, and because they are somewhat similar, they are often grouped together. However, they are not contemporary, and Thommanon was constructed much earlier. Even before restoration, Thommanon it was in much better condition than Chau Say Tevoda because it was not constructed with wood beams enclosed in stone as Chau Say Tevoda was.


Location: just to the east of the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom
Construction period: Late 11th - Early 12th century C.E.
Religion: Hindu
Built by: King Suryavarman II
Building Style: Angkor Wat

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