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Everything you Need to Know about Koh Kong

The capital of Koh Kong Province is the city of Koh Kong, also transliterated as Krong Koh Kong. The Kah Bpow River is situated close by in Thai Gulf of Smach Meanchey district. A distance of 10km separates the city from the Thai border.

Tourists enjoy the new casinos that have opened close to the border post and travelling to Koh Kong has been made easy by the Thai-Cambodian Bridge. Exploring the island of Koh Kong along with trekking up the Cardamom Mountains are some of the popular tourist activities here.

One can hire the services of Koh Kong Divers Travel & Tours for day tour guides as well as excursions to the archipelago of Koh Sdach that may last a couple of days. The booking office for these services is located on the riverfront road. The island of Koh Totang is also popular for snorkeling and diving. Other activities commonly indulged in by visitors here include overnight camps, canyon adventures at night, trekking and guided tours to nearby waterfalls.

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Koh Kong Attractions

Kbal Chhay Prek Koh Waterfall

This spot is probably the most visited in the area. The breathtaking views of the waterfall and the surrounding forests offer a memorable experience. Because of its strategic location away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Koh Kong is a popular destination for most tourists in Cambodia. Many travelers use the waterfall as a picnic spot as well.

Lam Da Beach

This beach is very popular. Most tourists hire a car to come here and spend the day, lazing in the sun or taking a swim. The beach has almost all the natural elements that one can think of and is one of the most important tourist landmarks of Koh Kong.

Waterfalls in Koh Kong

The monsoon season sees rivers filling up and creating magnificent sights at waterfalls in the Cardamom Mountains. If you want to explore one of them, the Tatai Waterfalls are the easiest to do so. They have two tiers and drop about 20 feet. Other impressive waterfalls include Koh Por which is studded with massive boulders and rocks with giant gorges surrounded by jungle and the Kbal Chhay Falls which also provides a remarkable sight for visitors.


Koh Kong Restaurants

Aqua Sunset Bar & Café

This café cum bar has been redesigned recently which gives it a rather subtle and impressive ambience inside. If you want to enjoy a drink in the evening while watching the sun go down in the distance, this is the best spot with a balcony for customers to enjoy an open breeze. Sunset cruise services are also offered by Aqua on its own 50-foot boat.

  • Location: Street 1
  • Tel: +855 035 637 8626
  • Cuisine: Thai & Khmer

Baan Peakmai

If you want to eat some authentic Thai curry this is the best place to do so. It is located to the north of the traffic circle and is the most well-known Thai food junction in town. The elaborate choice of Thai dishes are a joy to taste, especially under gazebos with thatched roofs that add character to the ambience of the joint. You will be served reasonably priced seafood here.

  • Location: Street 3
  • Tel: +855 016 393 936
  • Cuisine: Thai

Blue Gecko Bar

The Blue Gecko Bar promises to offer a truly Cambodian dining experience with delicious American burgers and authentic English fish and chips.

  • Location: Street 3
  • Tel: +855 016 388 075

Blue Elephant

This is one of the few bars in town that stays open till as late as two in the morning. It is run by a German and features large flat-screen TVs. Enjoy your drinks with lightly toasted delicious sandwiches, the best you will get along the coast.

  • Location: Between Street 9 and Street 14
  • Tel: +855 099 678 588

Café Laurent

Café Laurent offers a fine dining experience with pizza, pasta, steak, lobsters, crème brulee and very good cappuccino or latte. There is an elegant bar attached to the restaurant for drinks before dinner and a wide array of tea available for those who like to stay away from spirits. If you need to access the internet on your laptop you can do so here with the help of the Wi-Fi service offered at the Café Laurent.

  • Location: Close to the bridge
  • Tel: +855 016 372 737

Crab Shack

You have to travel 8km outside the city of Koh Kong to eat a meal at the Crab Shack but the food and ambience make this an endearing experience. Therefore, if you want to enjoy some great soft shell crabs or barbequed seafood among locals who are more than happy to have a drink with you, look for the signboard of Crab Shack which is hard to miss.


Koh Kong Activities

Koh Kong Safari World

This resembles a themed tourist park and has a full size zoo containing animals such as orangutans, crocodiles and dolphins as well as monkeys, ostriches, kangaroos, deer, bear and tropical birds. These creatures are trained to put on shows every day to entertain visitors. Although these shows may not be too popular, the authorities ensure that they maintain the health of these animals.

You can relax on the sprawling beach or eat at the attached restaurant which serves decent cuisine. The place is full of tourists during the holiday season.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 daily
  • Location: Koh Kong Resort
  • Tel: + 855 018 800 811
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Koh Kong Shopping

The truth is that most of the products here, whether necessities or luxuries, are brought in from Thailand. However, there are a number of shops that sell street clothing and stay open till as late as 22:00.

How to get to Koh Kong

Although there is an airport in this town, it is not used for commercial flights. The runway is not appropriate for such flights and will require some renovation to bring it up to a desirable standard.

From Cambodia

Sre Ambel is the connecting point of Koh Kong to Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh via National Route 4 and the drive is a pleasing one with beautiful scenic features. You can take in the developing countryside of Cambodia and admire the Cardamom Mountains on the way. There are bus rides available from Koh Kong in the morning and afternoon.

From Thailand

The Cham Yeam border of Thailand is located at a distance of 10km and can be crossed with the help of motos and taxis (shared or single). However, you may have to bargain with the drivers waiting to charge much too much at the border area to come down to a fair price for both parties.

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