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    Getting around in Phnom Penh mostly requires the use of motorised vehicles as the city is divided into several districts, each offering distinctive shopping, dining, nightlife, and sightseeing opportunities. One of Cambodia's most popular tourist destinations, Phnom Penh is teeming with colonial structures, royal pagodas, traditional theatres, and interesting museums.

    Sisowath Quay (the grand Riverside Boulevard) and City Centre are Phnom Penh's most popular districts, where you can find restaurants, boutiques, bars, cafes and accommodation options that cater to a wide range of budget and preferences. While travellers can explore the city on foot or bicycle, there are several landmarks in Phnom Penh that are accessible via public transportation such as via taxi, bus or remok (Cambodian tuk-tuk). It’s also important for both parties to agree on the fare before travelling by any of these forms of transport. Read on for our guide on Phnom Penh transportation.

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  • Remok

    Remok, similar to Thailand’s tuk-tuk, comprises a passenger carriage that’s pulled by a motorcycle. The most common method of transportation for tourists, remok is ideal for those travelling in a small group as it can accommodate four (or more) passengers at a time. Fares are priced according to duration and distance, but expect to pay US$2 and above for trips within Phom Penh City Centre while further destinations such as Phnom Penh International Airport and Choeung Ek Killing Fields Memorial cost between US$5 and US$15.


    Motos or motorcycle taxis are great for short trips within Phnom Penh, and those which are driven by English-speaking locals can be found mostly in Phnom Penh’s tourist-friendly areas such as Sisowath Quay and Independence Monument. Depending on the destination, the average fare is priced between US$0.50 and US$1, but expect to pay more if you’re travelling during the night. If you’re looking to explore outside the city centre, moto services are available with daily rates priced at US$10 upwards. Note that it is law to wear a helmet while on a motorbike in Cambodia – even as a passenger – so your driver should provide you with one. Police are on the lookout for foreigners riding without a helmet and will try to extort some money from you if you are caught without a helmet.


    Cyclo is ideal for those looking to visit landmarks within the Phnom Penh City Centre such as the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Museum of Cambodia, and Wat Ounalom. While you can find cyclos parked near popular hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations, you can enjoy a full-day of sightseeing for about US$10 by hiring one from The Cyclo Centre NGO (9E11, Street 158).

    City taxis

    City taxis are available along Sisowath Quay and outside major hotels all over Pnomh Penh, but you can also easily book one through the phone or travel agencies. The fastest and safest method of transportation in Phnom Penh, rates are priced between US$9 and US$12 to get to Phnom Penh International Airport while a full-day tour cost US35 upwards. Best of all, taxi companies now offer 24/7 taxi services and these city taxis are driven by English-speaking locals with good knowledge about Phnom Penh.

    City Busses

    City buses, the city’s sole public transportation, allow travellers to experience a truly authentic way of getting around in Phnom Penh. It’s also incredibly cheap to explore the city as bus fares are priced lower US$0.25. Do note that most of these buses are not equipped with air-conditioning and can get very packed during peak traffic hours.

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