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    This section of Top 10 Phnom Penh tours proves that there’s plenty to discover while vacationing in the Cambodian capital. While renowned for its bleak history, Phnom Penh is teeming with breathtaking temples, royal buildings, and interesting museums as well as stylish restaurants, shopping malls, and lively bars.

    Compelling tours to S-21 Prison and The Killing Fields are immensely popular amongst travellers looking to know more about the infamous Khmer Rouge regime, while recreational activities such as Cambodian drum lessons and cooking classes are ideal for travelling families. Catering to a wide range budget, interest and group size, read on for the most popular Phnom Penh tours if you’re looking to spice up your holiday.

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    Visit 2 of Phnom Penh's finest museums, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and National Museum, on this half-day tour. Learn about Cambodia's dark past during the Khmer Rouge regime and immerse yourself in the country's rich history with this educational experience. Begin with hotel pickup, drive west of the city center, and arrive at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum—a former high school that was used as a prison and interrogation facility by the Khmer Rouge regime. It was known as Security Prison 21 (S-21), during Phnom Penh's occupation. Read More...


    Discover the historical wonders of Cambodia's capital on this half-day tour. Marvel at the majestic Royal Palace, explore the beautiful Silver Pagoda, and visit the historic Independence Monument with your knowledgeable guide. Start your day with a comfortable hotel pickup and head to the Royal Palace, the official residence of the King of Cambodia. Marvel at the intricate Khmer architectural designs featuring a defense wall, throne building, stupas, and towering spires. See the Throne Hall, where the King's coronation took place, and pass by the Napoleon III Pavilion, a gift from the French emperor in the 19th century. Read More...


    Step back into a dark era of Phnom Penh's past on this half-day tour of historic sites. Visit ancient Wat Phnom, the central point of the city, and pay your solemn respects at the Choeung Ek killing fields, a chilling remnant of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Read More...

    Mekong Sunset Tour Durarion: 4 hours
    Spend a peaceful afternoon enjoying the natural beauty of the Cambodian countryside with this tour of Phnom Penh and a sunset cruise on the Mekong River. Travel like a local by tuk tuk, barge, and boat as you take in views of Khmer and French architecture, wats, and pagodas along the way.
    Phnom Penh's Past Tour Durarion: 4 hours

    Take a harrowing tour of Phnom Penh and the sites of the tragic Cambodian genocide. Visit a schoolhouse that was transformed into a torture center, see the macabre sight of human skulls at the Choueng Ek Memorial, and hear how the country is still affected by this dark period of its history. Read More...

    Fishing on Mekong River Durarion: 4 hours

    Set out from the banks of the Mekong River for the lake of Tonle Sap on an experience that lets you feel like a true Cambodian fisherman. Learn how to catch river wonders like catfish and the giant freshwater Mekong prawn with some hands-on time to learn the local trade. Read More...

    Evening Street Food Tour Durarion: 3 hours

    Discover the world of Cambodian street food with a journey to the local markets of Phnom Penh. Try dishes that range from grilled chicken and meatballs to hot dogs at the tiny vendors that can be found outside factories, on sidewalks, and in mobile carts throughout the capital. Read More...


    Experience the best of Phnom Penh in 1 day on this private tour. See the city's famous sites, bike through the ancient French Quarter, enjoy the colorful markets, relish a delicious traditional Cambodian lunch, and visit the historic Independence Monument. Start your day with a hotel pickup in a private vehicle and head to the scenic French Quarter to begin exploring the area by bicycle. As you pedal through the district, marvel at the intricate architectural designs of the French colonial era-style buildings. Read More...

    Cambodian Drums Durarion: 1 hours

    Try out the lively ancient art of Cambodian drumming with the instruments behind the signature rhythms of the country. Your hands-on time playing these traditional pieces of percussion offers a real feel for the history and entertainment in the roots of the Khmer people's culture. From the goblet-shaped thon to the tall, slender standing drum, you can choose the instruments that suit you best and sit down to bring their sounds to life. See how each drum has its own style and learn the roles they play at different occasions in the local culture, forming a staple of local Cambodians' lives. Read More...


    Delve into Cambodian cuisine and regional specialties in this full-day cooking experience. Head to a local market to collect fresh and authentic ingredients, then tie on your apron as an expert chef helps you hone your skills and discover the flavors of Khmer cuisine. Read More...

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