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    Where and What to Eat in Siem Reap

    Siem Reap is the second largest city in Cambodia, and is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor Wat. This spectacular ancient temple complex and the surrounding ancient temple sites, draw large numbers of tourists each year. More than half of all tourists to Cambodia visit Siem Reap-Angkor, and the economy is based mainly on tourism.

    To accommodate the large number of foreign visitors and residents alike, there is now an impressive array of quality restaurants in Siem Reap. There are restaurants for every budget and almost every taste, including a variety of Asian and international cuisines. You’ll find restaurants in all areas of Siem Reap, but most restaurants are located in the Old Market area, along Sivatha Street, in the Wat Bo area, and along Highway 6, west of town. You can try one of our recommended restaurants listed below, or simply take a walk around the downtown area and find a restaurant on your own.

    Note: For lovers of fast-food who are in need of their fast-food fix, KFC, Pizza Company and Lucky Burger are now in Siem Reap.

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    in Siem Reap
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    1. Borei Angkor Resort & Spa 4.6/ 5
    2. Sokha Angkor Resort 4.5/ 5
    3. Lotus Blanc Resort 4.6/ 5
    4. Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa 4.5/ 5
    5. Saem Siemreap Hotel 4.7/ 5
    6. Tara Angkor Hotel 4.5/ 5
    7. Golden Temple Hotel 4.8/ 5
    8. Royal Crown Hotel & Spa 4.2/ 5

Little lanterns on the tables add a touch of class and atmosphere to this International and Khmer Cuisine restaurant that features Khmer set menus, and a daily special menu. On the a-la-carte menu, Khmer main courses are moderately priced. They are known for their steak, rack of lamb, and salmon entrees. Pasta, pizzas, sandwiches and sushi also available. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 to 22:00 for lunch and dinner
  • Location: 729 Wat Bo Street, opposite the French Cultural Center.
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 6903 213, +855 (0) 12 569 975
  • Price Range: Pricey
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Blue Pumpkin

A favourite with tourists and locals alike, its well-known for fresh baked bread and pastries, and delicious ice cream. Their quality food and beverages are very reasonably priced. Free Wi-Fi in the upstairs air-conditioned, lounge with comfortable sofas. Café-style sidewalk tables are also a pleasant place for watching the world go by.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 to 22:00 daily
  • Location: Pi Thnou St. north of Old Market.
    Other: Phnom Penh Airport, Angkor Cafe at Angkor Thom, Angkor Golf Resort, Puok Silk Farm, and Artisans d'Angkor.
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 963 574
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Bopha Angkor Restaurant

Dining in a beautiful tropical garden is the hallmark of this Khmer cuisine restaurant, where prices are surprisingly mid-range. They have an extensive wine list, and for non-alcoholic drinks, tropical fruit shakes and juices hit the spot. Continental, Asian, Fitness, and Khmer style breakfasts served from 06:00. Appetizers: Banana flower salad, and lemongrass chicken soup. Main courses feature a variety of meat and fish dishes. Khmer set menus, and vegetarian dishes are featured. Desserts: pumpkin & coconut pudding, green lemon & mango ice cream.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 to 22:00.
  • Location: Bopha Angkor Hotel, Acharsva (Riverside)
  • Tel: +855(0)63 964 928
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Cafe Indochine

The setting for this upscale restaurant is a traditional Khmer wooden house, and the tasteful decor provides the atmosphere for a pleasant dining experience. French and European cuisine highlight the menu, including steaks, Khmer set menus for two, and Italian pasta entrees. Top off your meal with homemade ice cream, banana flambé, or mango ice cream with apple liquor.

  • Opening Hours: 0:30 to 15:00 for lunch, and 17:00 to 23:00 for dinner.
  • Location: Sivatha Street, opposite Somadevi Hotel.
  • Tel: +855 (0) 12 380 495, +855 (0) 92 630 958
  • Price Range: Pricey
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This all vegetarian restaurant is one of the newest additions to the Indian food scene in Siem Reap. It is the only one serving 100% vegetarian Indian food, and all dishes are prepared using authentic, quality, and fresh ingredients. The mixed vegetable curry is excellently spiced and flavored, as is the Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower dish), and the Naan bread is especially tasty. If you have never tried vegetarian Indian food, you can try a Thali (set meal). In addition to the mixed vegetable curry and Aloo Gobi, it also has Daal (a yellow lentil dish), and a salad. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you won’t even miss the meat!

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
  • Location: Sivatha Street, Old Market area near Street #7
  • Tel: 088-8765100
  • Cuisine: Vegetarian Indian
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Ecstatic Pizza

Since 1994, this pizza parlor has been serving pizza, Italian food and Khmer food. With 20 different kinds of pizza, there is one for any taste. Pizzas can be ordered with either thin or thick crust. The eggplant parmesan is especially good, with lots of cheese and flavourful sauce. They also serve great breakfasts any time of the day.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 to 12 midnight
  • Location: Pi Thnou St., across from the Provincial Hospital
  • Tel: +855 (0) 12 436 869, +855 (0) 11 928 531
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Food Stalls at the Corner of Pub Street & Street 11

Along this busy corner many outdoor food stalls appear in the evening. The prices are quite cheap and while it is decidedly not gourmet dining, it is good value for money. Soups, rice, noodle dishes, fried dishes, salads, and other favourite Khmer dishes are served here. Some stalls offer tom yam, chicken with pineapple, and pork curry. Many stalls feature the ever-popular Khmer BBQ, and some have set menus. Drinks include fruit shakes, beer, and soft drinks.

  • Opening Hours: Stalls set up about 17:00 and close about 03:00.
  • Price Range: Budget
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Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC)

Located on Pokambor Avenue, along the Siem Reap River, just south of the Royal Palace, this long-time Siem Reap restaurant is in the first-class FCC Angkor Hotel. It can best be described as casually elegant where east-meets-west. They have outdoor and poolside seating, and the bar is on the 2nd floor. The wide-ranging menu offers Cambodian, Asian, and international selections, as well as pasta and pizza. They have a selection of beers, fine wines, and aperitifs.

  • Opening Hours: Breakfast, lunch & dinner time
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 760 280
  • Price Range: Pricey
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Fresh at Chili Si-Dang

This small restaurant located on the river is a popular place with tourists and expats alike. For a late breakfast or a late-night drink, its a relaxing place to hang out. Serving club and steak sandwiches on baguettes, and main courses include chicken baconique, beef stroganoff, and surf & turf. Sit at tables right on the river for a serene, relaxing atmosphere. Takeout & delivery available.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 to late night
  • Location: Acharsva St., south of the Wat Bo Bridge
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Il Forno

A little bit of Italy right in Siem Reap! Il Forno’s authentic Italian cuisine is prepared using ingredients imported from Italy, and traditional old-world recipes. Il Forno means ‘the oven’, and what comes out of this oven is truly delectable. The Gnocchi ai 4 fromaggi (potato dumplings with four cheeses) literally melts in your mouth. Lovers of genuine Italian cuisine will want to try Il Forno.

  • Opening Hours: 12 noon to 23:00
  • Location: The Back Street just north of Pub Street.
  • Tel: +855(0) 92 718 653
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Price Range: Moderately priced

Le Tigre de Papier

Opened in 1999, this was one of the original restaurants on Pub Street. Western and Khmer dishes are featured, and a BBQ is cooked on your tabletop. Well-known for their wood-fired oven pizza, they have 24-hour delivery. Khmer cooking classes are offered so you can learn how to make the dishes on the menu. The owners have opened an Indian restaurant on Pub Street called the Bengal Tiger.

  • Tel: +855 (0) 12 265 811, +855 (0) 63 760 930
  • Price Range: Affordable
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They dish up the exotic flavours of Indian and Pakistani at this Halal restaurant. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries are quite good, and the chicken curry is especially tasty. They have five degrees of ‘heat’ from mild to extra spicy to suit everyone’s taste. Beer is available, but you have to ask.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 for Lunch and Dinner
  • Location: Sivatha Street, Old Market area near Pub Street
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 966 221
  • Cuisine: Indian Halal
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Master Seafood

If you crave fish-n-chips in Siem Reap, you’ll find it here. They serve a fish filet with very good flavour and texture, and the chips are just as you would expect Also on the menu are other seafood meals, as well as fish burgers and Cheese Burgers. A good place to stop for a meal, or a snack. Take-out is available.

  • Opening Hours: 10:30 to 21:15
  • Location: 1 Oum Khun St. (in same building with Master Suki), near Prince D’Angkor Hotel
  • Tel: +855 (0) 16 966 665
  • Price Range: Affordable

Molly Malone’s

From western-style breakfast to steaks, Molly Malone’s has a full menu of entrees: pasta, sandwiches, fresh salads, and Thai and Khmer dishes. Specialties include shepherd’s pie, hearty Irish lamb stew, Guinness & steak pie, scampi basket, chicken Kiev, roast stuffed tenderloin, and chili con carne. Guinness draught is still available only in cans. They also have a guesthouse with very nice rooms.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 12 midnight. Kitchen open from 07:00 - 23:00.
  • Location: Pub St. west
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 963 533
  • Price Range: Pricey
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New Delhi Indian Restaurant

New Delhi Indian Restaurant, located opposite the provincial hospital, is a good option for fans of Indian cuisine. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices with a good variety of dishes to select from including paneer pakoda (tender cubes of finest cottage cheese dipped in spiced batter and fried golden) and chicken samosa (pyramid-shaped pancake stuffed with spiced minced chicken, deep-fried and served with tangy mint sauce). Those who are not familiar with Indian food but want to give it a try will have no problem as they have photo-menu which makes it easier for everyone.

New Delhi also offers many interesting vegetarian items include malai kofta (deep-fried minced vegetable balls mixed with cottage cheese, cooked in minced cream sauce) and aloo mutter (green peas & mushrooms cooked in rich gravy). Don’t forget to try the delicious lassi (salty churned yogurt) it’ll help refresh your day.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Opposite the Provincial Hospital north of the Old Market area
  • Tel: +855 (0) 16 840 326 and +855 (0) 92 510 779
  • Cuisine: Indian and Vegetarian
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Peace Cafe

Healthy eating is the focus of this all-vegetarian restaurant. Tables are nestled among the trees, where you can relax while sipping fresh fruit juice, or a yogurt shake. The home-cooking menu includes Khmer, European and Asian vegetarian dishes. For breakfast, enjoy crepes, along with a delicious caffe latte or cappuccino. They offer Yoga, Pilates, vegetarian cooking, and free language classes. It is also an Information and Eco center, with a Fair Trade Shop.

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 to 21:00 for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Location: Street 26 between the River & Wat Bo Rd.
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 965 210
  • Price Range: Affordable

Singing Tree Cafe

This restaurant may be a little hard to find, but the effort is well worth it. They use all natural ingredients, and fruit and vegetables are never pre-cut. For breakfast, pancakes and omelettes will get you going. The veggie burgers and fish burgers are a tasty option. The Khmer food menu offers delights like stir-fried shrimp, chicken & fish fritters, and vegetable fritters. Mango with sticky rice and coconut cream is a favourite dessert. Need Vegan food? Don’t worry. Vegan dishes here are prepared separately from meat dishes.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 to 22:00.
  • Location: The Alleyway west, Old Market area
  • Tel: +855 (0) 17 599 264
  • Price Range: Budget
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Takezono Restaurant

For classic Japanese cuisine in an upscale setting, head to Takezono with its tatami seating, dining room, teppanyaki room, and sushi bar. From the otsumami to the set menus, quality and authenticity are assured. Set menus include unagi kabayaki, tonkatsu, salmon teriyaki, and tempura. Teppanyaki dishes include salmon, tenderloin, wagyu, and rib eye.

  • Opening Hours: Lunch from 11:30 to 14:30, and dinner 18:00 to 22:00.
  • Location: Sokha Angkor Resort, intersection of Hwy. No. 6 & Sivatha St.
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 969 999
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Price Range: Luxurious
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The Red Piano

Open since 2000, The Red Room features a Belgian menu with Flemish beef stew, fish and risotto main dishes. For lunch, tasty sandwiches are served on baguette. The drinks menu sports Belgian beer, cognacs, liquors, cocktails, and wine. Its a popular place to chill out, relax and enjoy a snack and a refreshing drink.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 to 12 midnight
  • Location: Corner of Pub Street & Street 11
  • Tel: +855 (0) 63 963 240
  • Price Range: Affordable
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