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220 volts AC, 50Hz. Most of the plugs are flat 2-pin, but round 2-pin plugs are also used in some places. Adaptors are widely available.

SIM Cards and dialing prefixes


Tourist SIM cards are now available from about a few US$ each and they last for two weeks. They can be purchased at most hotels, post offices and supermarkets. Officially a non-Cambodian cannot buy a SIM card for their mobile phone for longer than two weeks. Alternatively, why not bring along your phone with its normal SIM card in it with international roaming activated. It’s simple and safe.

To make a call to a landline within Siem Reap, dial 063 then the six digit number. To call another city from Siem Reap, dial the city code and phone number. To call Siem Reap from outside Cambodia, dial 00, followed by +855, the country code, then (0) 63, Siem Reap area code but exclude the ‘0’ and the number. To make an international call from Siem Reap, first dial the access code 001 or 007.

Important Phone Numbers
Police 117
Tourist Police 012 402424
Ambulance 119
Fire 012 784464
Royal Angkor International Hospital 063 761888
Khmer-China Hospital 012 596686
Siem Reap Internaitonal Airport 063 963106
Tourist Centre 012 402424
Immigration 012 581558

Siem Reap City is a compact kind of town in which visitors can get around by foot. Though the main attraction, the Angkor Wat is only some 6km away, still it’s best to go there by tour or take some kind of local transportation whether its car, tuk tuk (a two-person motorcycle trailer) or motorcycle taxi. The good point is they are everywhere and will probably find you before you find them.

The Angkor Archaeological Park is where the famous Angkor Wat is located and it covers an area of about 3-4km. Visiting the place with a tour guide and driver, is the most popular and convenient way of seeing Read More...

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