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Sihanoukville Attractions

Southern Cambodia has access to the Gulf of Thailand and offers ideal opportunities to finish a tour in the Kingdom. Kampot is a pleasant town about 5 km inland on the banks of the river Tuk Chhou a nice place to enjoy a boat trip on the river.

Kampot is also base for excursions to the Bokor National Park in the Elephant Mountains. The nearby seaside resort of Kep (Kep-sur-Mer) is located 25 km from Kampot. This beautiful coastal area was once the favourite holiday spot for Cambodia's French-influenced elite during the turn of the 19th century. From Kep, fishing boats can take you to one of the islands scattered in the bay. 

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More Attractions in Sihanoukville

Bamboo Island

Spending a few days on Bamboo Island, off Sihanoukville's coast, is highly recommended. The boat ride takes about half an hour and once there you'll find that only about 30 people live on the island.

On its north-facing crescent beach, Bamboo Island has about 3 bungalow resorts, 2 restaurants and 2 bars and is very, very Read More...

  • Location: Bamboo Island, Cambodia
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Golden Lions Roundabout

The Golden Lions Roundabout is pretty much one of those places you’ve got to see just for the laughs, just to say you’ve seen it and so you can share the pics on Instagram.

The somewhat iconic statue of a lion and lioness standing side-by-side (though, with the lion standing and the lioness prone, it looks decidedly different from certain angles!) boasts scary faces, completely unrealistic proportions and a garishly yellow-gold paint job. Find it at the northern end of Serendipity Beach, near to the ferry terminal. It's impossible to miss and nearly impossible not to at least smile at.

  • Location: Golden Lion Traffic Circle, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
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Independence Monument

Every provincial capital in Cambodia has a monument to celebrate the country’s independence from France on 9th November 1953, as well as the defeat of the Khmer Rouge on 7th January 1979. While Sihanoukville’s not as grand as the one in Phnom Penh, it is still an interesting and attractive place.

The modest and peaceful Independence Park also contains a statue of Harihara – a fused representation of the Hindu deities Vishnu and Shiva – as well as a miniature copy of Preah Vihear Temple, the historical and controversial temple on the Thai-Cambodian Border.

  • Location: Sihanoukville Independence Park, Ekareach Street, Sihanoukville
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Kbal Chhay Waterfalls

Kbal Chay is a tiered waterfall with a 14-metre drop that's actually one of the major sources of fresh water for the city of Sihanoukville, as evidenced by the large reservoir nearby. It's a picturesque spot and a popular place with locals taking a day out. You can follow their lead by enjoying a picnic next to local families before cooling off with a splash in the cool waters.

The waterfall is much more dramatic when visited in the rainy season as the waters slow down a lot during the dry season. Getting to the falls can be a little tricky as the tarmac roads stop about 7 km from Sihanoukville, leaving you with a 9-km drive along a dusty dirt track.

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 7.30am to 5pm
  • Location: 286 Ekareach Street, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
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Koh Kong Bridge

The 1.9-km Koh Kong Bridge was officially opened on 4th April 2002 by Prime Minister Hun Sen. This magnificent 8 million-dollar technological masterpiece links Koh Kong with Thailand's south-west promoting tourism, investment and trade, as well as reducing travelling-time to Phnom Penh.

Even so, this new wide laterite highway built by the Thai Army requires 4 tricky ferry crossings and is not recommended during the rainy season.

  • Location: Koh Kong Bridge, Koh Kong, Cambodia
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Koh Rong

If you like the beaches of Sihanoukville, you’ll love Koh Rong and the surrounding islands. Just 26 km west of the city, they are pretty much the archetype of the desert island idyll, with pristine beaches, clear blue seas, vibrant coral reefs, jungle-covered hills and very little else.

They are almost completely unspoilt, with none of

  • Location: Koh Rong, Cambodia
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Phnom Meas Viewpoint

Phnom Meas is a popular getaway spot for weekending locals. The mountaintop setting is home to park-like restaurants, a small guesthouse, gardens and fantastic views across Sihanoukville.

It’s a family-friendly place, with lots of opportunities to play and explore, with swings and seesaws in the park. Getting there often requires a short drive along dirt tracks, and you're often likely to be sharing the view only with the locals.

  • Location: Mittapheap Street, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
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Sihanoukville Casinos

Sihanoukville is not exactly southeast Asia's answer to Las Vegas but it does offer a few venues for those who enjoy to throw the dice and play footsie with Lady Luck. There are several hotels offering gamblers their favourite games: blackjack, roulette, baccarat, gaming machines, and poker.

There are about 2 dozen casinos where you can have fun and try your luck in Sihanoukville, and the number continues to climb with further development of the beach resort areas. They offer an impressive range of gaming options, ranging from slot machines and table games to live sports betting.

Baccarat is the most popular table game in the city which has become effectively the Las Vegas of Cambodia. Open 24/7, the gambling scene is one of the major reasons why people come to Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville's (and Cambodia's) longest-running casino is the Holiday Palace Casino, across from Victory Beach. Many new casinos have opened and among the great gaming venues in which to try your luck is the Sokha Vegas in the Sokha Resort, Sihanoukville's premier seaside resort.

Wat Leu Temple

The Wat Leu Pagoda is situated on a hill about 1.5 km northwest of Sihanoukville. Wat Leu is perhaps not as dramatic a structure as Siem Reap’s ancient temples but is nonetheless worth a visit.

The striking, colourful main building resembles a pagoda in style and is surrounded by interesting artefacts, including a three-headed carved white elephant and a huge black statue of the Lord Buddha. The hilltop location is also quiet and peaceful, and offers spectacular views across the city, particularly at sunset.

  • Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
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