10 Best Nightlife in Sihanoukville

Most Popular Nightlife in Sihanoukville

This list of the best nightlife in Sihanoukville covers quite a broad spectrum of attractions. We have tried to reflect the surprising array of choices available in Cambodia’s most popular coastal city. On one side of the scale, you'll find cheap and cheerful beer bar complexes with fairly adult themes, and at the other end, you’ll find luxurious casinos.

The middle ground, the nightlife scene in Sihanoukville is populated by backpacker haunts. These bars, cafes and simple late-night haunts make up the majority of the available choice. Even here, there is some variety, ranging from beach bars to night markets, with more in between. Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding somewhere to party and enjoy yourself in the evening.

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Beach Bars

As Sihanoukville is famously Cambodia’s best (practically the only) beach resort destination, beach bars are naturally a big part of the nightlife scene. Those along Serendipity Beach are especially popular, with top names including JJs, Dolphin Shack and Nap Bar. They each offer a laidback and friendly atmosphere, with budget beverages and the feel of the soft sand between your toes throughout the night.


The casinos of Sihanoukville are one of the city’s main attractions. While they are generally open 24 hours a day, they are at their busiest in the evenings, when visitors who have been enjoying the beaches during the day are looking for something fun to do. There’s a lot of variety available, in terms of venues, from relatively small and simple betting offices to large, Las Vegas-style complexes. Gamblers can generally enjoy free snacks and drinks while playing on the slot machines or tables for baccarat, blackjack and other games.

Monkey Republic Serendipity Beach
Monkey Republic

This is a popular spot for pre-party drinks because of the US$0.75 beers and US$2 Jagerbombs during the 18:00-19:00 happy hour. As a result, it is packed with backpackers every night, even during the low season. It is a well-established institution in the Sihanoukville nightlife scene, first opening its doors in 2005. Even being burned to the ground in 2013 couldn’t defeat it, and it rose again to its place among the most popular bars in the city.

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Utopia Serendipity Beach

Utopia has been a trailblazer in the Sihanoukville nightlife scene for many years, and not always in a good way. They were the first to sell nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which is now banned. They now let backpackers stay in their dorm room accommodation for free, in return for distributing flyers. Aside from such radical practises, the bar is famous for its pool parties and extremely cheap drinks – US$0.25 each, during happy hour!

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Otres Market Otres Beach
Otres Market

Otres is really more of a big selection of bars than it is a market. Styling itself as a “bizarre bazaar”, it has about 20 stalls, most of which sell food and snacks. The few that don’t specialise in crystals, essential oils, jewellery and other bohemian wares, which makes it one of the more unique markets in town. Especially popular with the backpacker crowd, it gets really busy after about 22:00, with live music and a general air of relaxation and socialising.

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Maybe Later Serendipity Beach
Maybe Later

Maybe Later is not only an excellent Mexican restaurant, but is perhaps more renowned for its exceptional cocktails. With a staff of experienced western mixologists, the menu is full of creative, original and really potent concoctions, making it particularly popular with visitors and expats. Among the venue’s more unique features is the restroom, which is also known as the “Rambo Room” and is decorated as a shrine to Sylvester Stallone’s famous character.

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Sihanoukville Square Serendipity Beach
Sihanoukville Square

Located right across the road from the famous Golden Lions Roundabout, this selection of about 30 bars is effectively Sihanoukville’s largest red light district. Most of the bars are effectively identical – pink neon lights, cheap drinks (bottled beer from US$3), a pool table and a staff of unusually friendly waitresses. This kind of nightlife can be a bit shocking to some, especially when the staff are extremely enthusiastic about getting you to sit at their bar, but the atmosphere is generally friendly and fun, as well as being quite lively.

  • Location: on 23 Tola Street, Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
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Otres Corner Beach Bar & Restaurant Otres 1 Beach
Otres Corner Beach Bar & Restaurant

Otres Corner is among the best and liveliest of the beach bars along Otres 1 Beach. However it earns special mention among the best nightlife in Sihanoukville because it hosts monthly full moon parties. Nothing like as lively as the famous Koh Phangan parties in Thailand, the live DJs, all-night cocktails from US$1.50 each and partying until the small hours of the morning make it still something special and worth checking out.

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Five Men Fresh Beer Independence Beach
Five Men Fresh Beer

Something rather different from the usual beer bar, Five Men is actually a beer hall similar to those famous in Germany. Relatively tame,m by Sihanoukville nightlife standards, they often close before midnight. However, they make beer on-site, including a lager and a stout. Ordered as “white” or “black” respectively, they come in an iced glass and are very easy to drink. If you’re fond of real ale, this is the place for you.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 23:30
  • Location: 19 Mithona Street, Independence Beach, Sihanoukville
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Golden Lion Plaza Serendipity Beach
Golden Lion Plaza

Also known as Pub Street (not to be confused with the more famous nightlife street in Siem Reap), Golden Lion Plaza is actually about 250 metres down the road from the Golden Lions Roundabout. It is similar in nature to Sihanoukville Square, but this selection of budget bars is significantly smaller and is relatively inconspicuous because it lacks the brash neon lights. It has a more laidback atmosphere, but it is also much quieter and more relaxed than Sihanoukville Square, making it more popular as a place to start your night.

  • Location: Poulowai Street, Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
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