Iron Pencil Sketching


Discover a unique art form based on burning palm leaves to create beautiful line drawings. Learn how a local artist discovered this practice, and see his creative process in action as you witness the use of custom tools to burn precise imagery into natural canvases.

Local artist Reoum Bunhak discovered a new form of art one day while he was burning palm leaves. He was intrigued by the distinct patterns the flames created on the surface of the leaves before they turned to ash. From repeated observation and experimentation, he perfected the craft over time until it could be used to sketch virtually any shape.

See first-hand how Bunhak uses a specialized tool, which he refers to as an "iron pencil," to draw fine imagery on custom-made canvases made from palm leaves. It is truly remarkable that this art form—which has been technologically feasible since ancient times—has gone undiscovered until now. Witness Bunhak's eyes light up as he shares his art with you in a totally unique cultural experience.

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