Medieval Knife-Making Workshop


See what it was like to be a blacksmith during the Medieval period with this fascinating knife-making workshop. Knives have always been valuable tools for agriculture, warfare, and everyday use, and this is your chance to see how our ancestors made them.

The development of steel tools and weaponry was a major milestone in human history, enabling us to rise above the animals, build farms, and establish ourselves as a dominant species throughout history. The smithing families in the Siem Reap area have been honing their knife-skills craft for centuries, and the next generation will most likely continue the tradition.

In a small group of no more than 6 students, enjoy the opportunity to feel like a true blacksmith responsible for making weapons for kings and knights. Design and create a special blade just for yourself, discovering what it was like to fill the all-important position of blacksmith.

Styles of blades you may choose from include the machete or hilt, made from a deer's horn. If you're interested in farming tools, try your hand at making a sickle, hoe, or something of your own vision. Creating and using your own customized blade is incredibly rewarding, and this course is your first step.

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