Small-Group Angkor Adventure Tour

Day Trips & Excursions

Traverse, touch, and taste your way through stunning Siem Reap. This guided tour hits up ancient Hindu temples, snacks on authentic Khmer-style eats, and truly savors the region that once served as the seat of the Khmer Empire.

Take off bright and early—guide in tow—and head from your hotel to the Angkor Archaeological Park. An elaborate expanse of Khmer Empire remains, this magnificent stretch of forest features and stone structures from the 9th through 15th centuries.

A key sight to scan: the incredibly well-preserved Angkor Wat temple. As the largest and arguably most popular Hindu temple in the world, this impressive feat stands in dedication to Shiva, and has remained a significant religious site since its construction.

Delve deeper into the jungle and stumble upon Bayon, a massive temple showcasing 54 towers, and more than 200 carvings of smiling faces. While scholars are still unsure of the faces’ significance, other artwork around the temple depicts mythological tales, as well as the events of ancient everyday life.

Feast like a king over a mid-day spread of Khmer cuisine, or chat up the locals during downtime from your hammock. From here, continue to Ta Prohm, an esteemed temple with an enormous, overgrown root-system that has shot its way onto every tourist’s must-see map. If time permits, finish the day with a climb up the Pre Rup, a 3-tiered structure surrounded by 12 smaller shrines, and hailed as one of the oldest brick temples in the entire Angkor complex.

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