Sombai Workshop Visit & Liqueur Tasting

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Travel to a Sombai workshop hidden in Siem Reap. Discover the colorful infusion process used to add distinctive flavor to this famous Cambodian beverage. Admire the hand-painted bottle designs, sample the full range of flavors, and enjoy convenient roundtrip transportation from your hotel.

Get picked up from your hotel in Siem Reap and arrive at the Sombai workshop, a traditional Khmer house made of wood. Remove your shoes at the entrance, and climb up to the infusion room, lined with over 100 glass jars containing different types of local fruits, herbs, and spices. The infusion process draws out the natural color of the ingredients, capturing the essence of mango, pineapple, coconut, lemongrass, green tea, cinnamon, and countless others.

Learn about the history of the distinctive liqueur, and how it was originally derived from medicinal rice wine. Admire the intricate, hand-painted bottles, each created by young Cambodian artists. After touring the workshop, sit down for a tasting session, working from savory to spicy, and then finally to sweet. Sip water to cleanse your palate, and snack on banana chips, cashew nuts, and flavored peanuts. At the end of the tour, choose to return to your hotel or get dropped off in town.

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